Home Buyers

Buying Your Dream Home

For most people, buying a house is considered the largest investment in their lifetime. Typical house buying process may involve some or all of the following steps:

  • Loan qualification and pre-approval
  • Finding the right agent
  • Searching for the right house
  • Writing contracts and negotiating price
  • Financing
  • Closing

It all looks too much, specially if it is done for the first time.To purchase your dream home, you need all the help you can get. That is why I have prepared a comprehensive guide to home buying as: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Dream Home.

Is Rent to Own as Good as it Sounds?

People often ask is the ‘rent-to-own’, also known as ‘lease-to-purchase’ a good alternative for homebuyers? The idea is enticing, especially for first time homebuyers who often don’t have a very good credit or have trouble coming up with the upfront cash for the down payment, The basic concept is that you and the seller agree to purchase his/her house more

How Much Should I Budget For The Closing Costs?

In a typical real estate transaction in state of Texas, there are many charges that are paid at the closings. Most, if not all ,of these charges are negotiable.  Here is a list of some estimated costs.  … more

Who pays the closing costs?
Like everything else in a real estate transaction, closing costs (costs associated with buying or selling a property) are negotiable. Part of the closing costs, such as title insurance, regulated by the state of Texas … more

My Duties as a Your Agent

As an exclusive buyer agent, I have a fiduciary responsibility to protect and promote your interests in the real estate transaction. This may include, but not limited to:

  • A detailed market research to access pricing in the neighborhood of your choice
  • Area-specific home evaluations to help you decide on your ideal home
  • Comparative market analysis for comparable homes in the neighborhood
  • Negotiate on your behalf for the best possible price and terms

I guide you through the contract-to-close process to ensure a smooth and timely transaction in the home buying experience. As a buyer’s agent, I am exclusively representing you for your best interest to help get the best price.

If you can not find your dream home in the current inventory of available homes, then new homes are a great options. Here you can get the latest amenities, have a selection in available building plans, start your family in a new community often with new recreation areas, hike and bike trails, community centers, etc. However, be aware that the builder’s sales center is staffed by people who work for the builder and have the builder’s best interests in mind. That is where I can step-in as your Realtor, with your interest in-mind, negotiate to get you the best price.

The Realtor commissions are built into the new house price as marketing costs. You will not be paying more to have a buyer’s agent. You should never purchase a home without having your own representation! To the contrary, I can help you negotiate pricing and upgrades and make sure you are getting the best home for the money.

How much the house you are considering to buy is worth? Find out