Rental Listing Request

I have access to all available MLS listed properties for lease in and around Austin area. In order to get a listing that fits your requirements, you should make a request through the  request form . Once I receive this request, I process it quickly (sometime in less than an hour) and you will receive current listings that fits your description. You can then follow the procedure below to identify and mark your desired houses in the listing.

MLS Portal HowTo

Your access to the MLS data is through a portal that I initially setup for you. Through this portal you can view property pictures, access it’s location, school district, etc.
You can select properties you like as your ‘favorite’, as a ‘possibility’ or simply ‘discard’ them by clicking on the appropriate icons in front of the listing. As you click on the MLS number for the property, it’s location on the map is highlighted.
In addition to the property list provided, you are free to search available properties by your own customized search and use your own search parameters. This is accomplished by pushing the ‘Search’ field in the upper left-hand corner. A popup menu lists available parameter that you can search. In addition to school district, city and zip code, you can search in the vicinity of a location by drawing a ‘circle’ (see the circle icon on the left), a rectangle or an irregular polygon on the boundary of the area of interest.