Leander Homes For Sale and Sold Report – March 2017

In a March 16, 2017 press release, the president  of the the Austin Board of REALTORS® described the signs of slow home sales as “the market catching up to itself after years of unprecedented sales growth”. He further explained that current figures are compared to a very strong housing market activity in 2016, so a decline in home sales growth is understandable and does not automatically mean that “the market is softening.”

If you follow these monthly reports, you may have noticed a similar trend in the Leander housing market in recent months. For the second consecutive month the median price of the houses sold remains flat.  However, as another metrics (below) indicates, a decrease in the active listings and a lower inventory of available houses for sale points to a high demand and a strong market.

I have started to report a new metrics for “Sale Price to Original Asking Price” ratio in the report card. This measures how close to the asking price a house is sold. It is a good indicator for the level of demands and how ‘hot’ the market may be.

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The Leander single-family home sales during March is summarized below. All comparisons are relative to March 2016.

You can explore details (click on the marker for details of each sale) of all the 128 Leander home sales during March 2017 in the interactive map below.

All this activity has affected your home’s value!

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