Who Moved In and Out of Your Neighborhood in Leander?

    • In the last few years expectations during the summer selling season has been a high demand, low inventory levels, and an increase in home prices. Increased sale during these months resulted in a shorter selling period as well.
    • During the month of July, there  was a decrease in the number of houses sold and an uptick in the number of days it takes to sell a house, indicating a high inventory of available houses.

    • Signs point to a slower sales and possible stabilization in Leander housing prices. This is good news if you are a buyer, but if you plan to sell, may be it is time to get serious and make preparation to put your house on the market for sell.

    • You may follow details of the real estate trends, market conditions, and monthly home sales in Leander in my monthly blog on  my site  or on ActiveRain (real estate information) blog site.
    • Below is a summary of the July Housing Market in Leander.  Expand on the appropriate section below to find out which one of the houses in  your neighborhood changed owner and which one is currently seeking a new owner.

All this activity has affected your home’s value!

  • If you plan to move, you need to know the value of your home right now. You can find this out in two easy ways:
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